Adelaide Mystery School brings together dedicated teachers who have spent a lifetime pursuing the metaphysical sciences, spiritual and psychic information and practices, healing modalities and psychological systems.

In the way it has historically been over the ages, as it is in the Adelaide Mystery School today, their learning can be through the mysteries handed down through the eons on the earthly plane, as well as through teachers and masters from the spiritual realms.

Being highly accredited and experienced in their individual disciplines, they each also bring a breadth and depth of knowledge, wisdom and awareness across the broader areas of spirituality, healing and psychic realms, elevating Courses into a rich tapestry of experience.

Below is the list of Adelaide Mystery School Facilitators.

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Cheryl Rae – Psychic, medium, healer, teacher and Director AMS

Toni Le Brun – Spiritual Healer Tumby Bay

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Acknowledging Alice Portman a founding facilitator of AMS

Alice Portman is a Master Astrologer who has consulted and taught professionally for 38 years. In 1984 she received her Professional Member of the Federation of Australian

Astrologers (PMFAA) qualification adn became an examiner for FAA in 1986 – 1988. She has spoken at a number of Federaton of AUstralian Astrologers (FAA) conferences, the most recent being in Melbourne in January 2006.

Adelaide Mystery School wishes to acknowledge Alice Portman who gave her support to getting the school off the ground. She truly is a master of astrology and wonderful woman who makes a difference. Alice is still available for Astrology consultations.