Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

The Concept
Science now confirms what mystics and sages have known for eons which is that everything is energy. We are all energy born into an energy system eg: the planet and all contained upon it. This energy, also known as an aura, permeates and extends slightly beyond the physical object or person. Looking at ourselves from this perspective, Psychic protection means to protect our own energy or aura. Much in the same way our immune system protects us from viruses, bacteria and other harmful things when we psychically protect ourselves we are in fact containing and re-enforcing our own energy field against negative energy.

Who Needs It?
Psychic protection has historically always been considered a necessity for anyone using psychic energy such as psychics, healers, mediums etc. However, in this day and age, it is a basic essential for everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Every day we are all bombarded with psychic information (psyonic energy). The thoughts and feelings of other individuals, energies dispersed from dying animals & plants and the pollution of the Universal unconscious mind by negative and violent thoughts all contribute to the noise we have to filter out. Add to that specific psychic attack such as someone directing their anger at you or ‘mentally undressing’ you, then you start to see the need for decent protection in your normal life, let alone when you venture into other parts of your mind or the spiritual realms.

Protection is one of the basic principles in the physical world. We wear clothing to protect us from the weather, hats to protect us from the sun and shoes to protect our feet from the ground. However most people go about their day totally without ‘energetically’ protecting themselves. I remember the aura of someone walking in my door once being particularly disturbing and on questioning found she had just been working at the state prison. Psychic protection is important for everyone, even more so for people working in health and caring roles, with psychological tools and in spiritual realms and even in shopping centres!

How to Psychically Protect Yourself
When we are born, we are automatically protected until we show that we can survive and are capable. However this protection can be lost at any age, and for any reason. Once the innate protection is lost the adept must re-learn the art..

Madame Blavatsky, the founder of the Theophist movement talks about the neccessity:

There is a veil between the world we know and the world of the spirit. When we are born, that veil is intact, and the psychic entities of the other side don’t see us and can’t find us. When that veil is pierced, for whatever reason, then the light from this world shines through and attracts all the beings, good and evil, to investigate the source of that light, and to try to manifest on this plane.


Protection, however, isn’t that difficult to do, once you understand and integrate the concept.

But First
Our aura is the lens through which we all perceive and experience life and our every thought, word and action from all time is contained within it. Also the sheer act of going about our every day living means we literally absorb all matter of energies, good, bad or indifferent. Some energies are significant, intense and profound and many are not, but it all accumulates and in fact is a part of how the natural law of ‘karma’ by which we learn and grow works.

When we ‘protect’ ourselves or a space we essentially re-enforce the containment of all energies present within our field or that space, and yet we may not really want to be carrying around the energy of the horrid disagreement we had yesterday with our co-worker or aunt Mary last week. Hence the need for ‘clearing’ prior to protection.

In this context clearing is the cleansing of our aura of whatever energies we choose which can range from a daily ‘dust off of unharmonious energies’ right through to the ‘clearing of karma’ back to the akashic records. The former is easily done ourselves and as we move further into the latter it is often best achieved with the assistance of an experienced healer.

From my experience ‘clearing’ plays a major role in our being able to move forward and lead a more conscious, productive, loving and fulfilling life leading to our own mastery. The topic of clearing concepts and techniques is extensive but amongst other benefits it helps us to release the past and make more space available to bring in whatever we wish to create. Also the clearer our aura is the more we can ‘act’ instead of ‘reacting’ to situations and people. Quite simply, while easy to do, regular clearing enables our energy, and hence ourselves and our life, to flow better.

Techniques for Clearing
Remember we are dealing with energy where intent and thoughts are things and we can create our realities with them. Adding ritual and visualization gives even more focus and hence energy and power to whatever we are doing. So see which of the following suits you and do it regularly in the same way at the same time every day, it will also alert your guides when they know ‘the routine’ to assist. It is often best done in the morning before we venture into the day.

First call in your guides and request to be ‘Cleared on all Levels of all Unharmonious Energies.

As well as stating your intent visualising this happening at the same time adds energy and power. Any of the following visualizations are very effective:

Visualise a violet flame burning off the ‘dross.’

If done whilst in the morning shower imagine all the muck going down the drain.

Standing outside on bare earth imagine it being taken into by mother earth.

Visualise a spiral whirlwind coming from above your head down through your body taking the dross into mother earth for transmutation.

Techniques for Protection
Once we have cleared our energy we can then proceed with protection. One technique could be termed ‘putting on your mental armor’. Just as you put on physical clothes every morning, it is also important to put on your psychological and spiritual clothes This means putting on your personal power, self-mastery, invulnerability, unconditional love, attunement to the creative source, self love, and centredness. In other words, you psychically clothe yourself in the attributes you want to wear that day. Most people just bumble into life on automatic pilot, wearing the qualities of energy they happen to wake up with. Putting on your mental armor could also be called putting on visual armor.

First, once again call upon your spirit guides, and this time request for ‘Protection on all Levels’ and for that matter any thing else you wish for the day within and without.

Again, visualising this happening at the same time adds energy and power. Any of the following visualizations are very effective:

Visualize any – or all – of the following:

A bubble of protection around yourself

A protective tube of light surrounding you

The sign of the cross or a lighted candle

Your charkas being lighted up in their appropriate colors

A robe of light or feathers or colours

Archangel Michaels sword the length of your body.

This prepares you and aligns your mind with the way you want to create your day. It is also a type of meditation that will greatly strengthen your auric field.

Other Powerfully Protective Words, Symbols and Angels

One of the most powerful prayers of protection is the Lord’s Prayer.

Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be don on Earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,

For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

Whenever you desire protection it is very appropriate to call on Archangel Michael and his legions of Angels of Protection. Archangel Michael’s specific purpose is to provide this protection for Lightworkers when asked. This can also be visualized using a blue ray of protective Light or his sword.

Effective Symbols to use are the sign of the cross, the sign of the pentagram, or the sign of the Kabbalistic cross. These may seem kind of superstitious, but there is enormous power in these psychic and spiritual techniques.

One of the most powerful mantras and the one I use to raise my vibration and prior to doing spiritual work is the ‘Soul mantra’ made known by Djwhal Khul. Repeat 3 times.

I am the Soul,

I am the Light Divine,

I am love.

I am Will. (higher will)

I am Fixed Design. (Our blueprint)

Useful Tips

Extra Protection

Whilst clearing and protecting ourselves ritually each morning/night is an ideal routine, you can do it anywhere, anytime you feel the need. When there is negative energy around, you must be able to close down and protect your psychological and spiritual space. You can still be loving, even when you are closed to negative energy. To be open all the time is a prescription for victimization by the energies of others.

Often on the way into shopping centres, hospitals and cemeteries I call upon my guides and ask for my Protection to be Tenfold and visualize my aura strong and close to me! In fact whenever I know I will face a challenge or even a situation that is important I re-enforce protection tenfold and ask for the optimum energies to be present for a successful outcome, whatever that might be.

Psychic Attack

Psychic attack is more commonly someone directing their anger, hurt, pain or even intense need at you rather than due to ghosts or lost souls.

If you feel under psychic attack or that you have absorbed unharmonious energies there are a number of things to do. First and foremost do not buy into it with fear or anger and remember that we are always in control and nothing can affect us that we do not allow. Remain calm, call upon your guides and go through your clearing and protection routine, adding the persons name or the situation that you particularly wish protection from if applicable. The main thing is to stay calm and firm and focuss your intent with strong resolution. In addition to your clearing routine take off your clothes and have a shower, then put on clean clothes. Showering cleanses the aura and the body.

In fact I find it a natural extension to cleanse myself psychically when cleansing the physical and hence do so in the shower every morning prior to protection. Considering what we all have to deal with, and tend to absorb, just in our everyday lives I believe it is essential for our own health and wellbeing on all levels.

Things that Strengthen and Weaken our Energy

There are a numerous things that weaken our aura. Toxic or negative people, thoughts, emotions and words weaken us. Anything that is unharmonious or unnatural such as wearing colours you dislike, being in the wrong job or dwelling or toxic chemicals in our home, food or environment all add stress upon our system. Drugs, sickness, mental health problems and anaesthetics weaken our aura and hence we need to pay extra attention to protection.

Conversely all things that are natural, positive and harmonious to us will strengthen our aura, hence our protection. Wearing natural fibres, eating organic food, making our homes chemical free as possible and spending time out of the city in the country or by a beach are all beneficial to a healthy and strong aura. Feeling loved, joyful, peaceful and in your power as well as being around others who are positive and life enhancing makes a difference. Whilst we all want to be there for our loved ones some people always leave you drained, so remember protection, and look at who and what fills you up and what doesn’t.

Lastly, the best way to avoid negativity is to raise your vibration and keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies healthy, clear, positive and protected.

The ultimate protection is available once we have raised our vibration high enough

and have mastered the thoughts coming from our own mind, subconscious, entities, and other people.

You can take Light into Darkness but not Darkness into Light!