Awakening the Sixth Sense

Awakening the Sixth Sense

My journey can be anyone’s journey – Cheryl Rae 2008

Born in 1959 into an entrepreneurial motor racing family my latent gifts only fully surfaced in my 20’s when I turned to hypnosis in a desperate attempt to alleviate acute pain resultant from a car accident. Unexpectedly to both myself and my very respectable psychologist, the instruments attached to my body were ‘off the scale’ and I was having paranormal experiences, going totally out of body and of being in other places. Over time, on return to awareness, I noticed not only a marked reduction in pain but also positive changes emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The light had come on!

Exploring further I attended a “Metaphysical Studies School” for meditation. My awareness expanded beyond the five senses which had widespread ramifications totally changing my view of reality that I, and most people, grow up with. I felt more connected, alive, positive and at peace, in spite of my injuries and residual pain, than ever before.

I studied the Tarot, Spiritual Healing, Numerology, Psychic Development and was reading anything I could get my hands on regarding the spirit world. My psychic ability continued to grow and expand, I was literally feeling other people’s injuries, illness or pain, hearing and sometimes just knowing things and sensing those passed over. I began doing Readings for others.

My perceptions changed, a whole new world opened up and life was rich.

Nights were busy with symbolic, prophetic and lucid dreams. These experiences brought guidance and information about my life, close others, and the world, and I was able to aid friends and others in distress (accidents, illness or passing over) that I was in most cases unaware of prior. Also in dream state I met and conversed with people still in the physical and spirit beings as well as attending places of learning in spirit realms.

One of these experiences which was very profound and personally life changing was my initiation in a beautiful ceremony, by *Quan Yin, my spirit guide.

My life became a stream of synchronistic events, dreams and profound mystical experiences guiding me on my path.

In quite spectacular fashion Spirit requested my teacher, another student (now dear friend), and myself to work together intensely with them and for over a decade we met weekly and worked closely receiving Teachings, Guidance and Healings from numerous Spirit Guides and Masters, as well as providing spiritual healings for the public.

Simultaneously I was one of four, (originally 60), that graduated from the “Adelaide Mystery School’ and became accredited in Reiki, Chironic (Etheric) Healing and the Merkabah method.

It was a period of incredible and profound growth, healing and change where I became both in awe and humbled by the potential within us all and the nature of the reality we exist within.

It was this ‘potential within us all’ that inspired me to develop and facilitate courses for those who seek to realize more of their own talents, to grow and to heal.

We are all Psychic, Healers, Mediums and much more but similarly to myself most develop through psychic tools and practices and especially meditation.

The courses were borne of the desire to assist others on their journey of awareness and awakening……….toward a more magical, meaningful and hope filled life.

Demand for Readings continued to grow and became International, ‘Psychic Evenings’ for groups were booked months ahead for years, and with successful courses I left mainstream work and devoted myself full-time to my spirit work.

Presently, 20 years on, profound mystical experiences normally only read about are a natural part of ordinary life and I continue to be inspired, in awe, and endlessly fascinated by the human spirit within and energies around us all.


Quote Joan Lesley International Clairvoyant Medium 10/8/2007

Your psychic ability was so great as I walked past you it almost blew me away. Your guides are Archangel Michael and Quan Yin

*Quan Yin is One of the four great bodishattvas of Buddhism, she is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness. As the Bodhisattva of Compassion, she hears the cries of all beings and manifests in any conceivable form wherever a being needs help.