How to work out your Numerology for the Year ahead

How to work out your Numerology for the Year ahead

From my perspective we are ‘energy’ existing in an energetic system. Nothing is static, there is a flow, a movement, a pattern, a reason and a rhyme to everything..

Being a psychic means I am acutely aware of these ‘energies’ possibly a little more than most, however all of us, at some time, have sensed heightened emotions at a ‘full moon’, or maybe lowered energy and drive when Mars is secreting himself in our 12th astrological house, the stillness and peace of night or the freshness and newness of spring after the hibernation of winter.

One of the most important parts in developing our awareness is having a way to describe and talk about these and other subtle energies. At the risk of ‘banging on’ ad finitum to those who have attended any of my courses, the language of symbols is pivotal in this regard. So when we want to know and understand more about the year 2010, for the planet universally or for ourselves personally, we have no better symbols to use than the numbers themselves.

As with most things in our existence, beyond their literal meaning, they are in fact symbols representing characteristics, human nature, experience, cycles and divinity to name a few. When we are familiar with the qualities of each number it opens up a wealth of information and understanding of the energies which lie beyond them.

As mentioned nothing is static, there a cycles of experience, some years we progress in leaps, others are more quietly spent in contemplation, some we encounter completions and, some continual change while others we build foundations. By delving beyond the literal numbers of each year we can glean the deeper meaning of the energies present and go with the flow, taking advantage of what they bring. Every Year has its own number and this number is the symbol for the trend of events to unfold in the 12 months ahead. They are a prophecy and a forewarning.

Last year was a special and rare master number 11 year universally and also, co-incidentally, for me personally. It was no surprise that Barak Obama who has an 11 Birth Force, (leadership through inspiration and illumination) became president of the USA, and for myself, as well as opening the Mystery School, a very unexpected award of ‘Psychic of the Year SA’ propelled me and the school into the spotlight.

When looking at the year ahead it is good to know both the Universal Year Number and then focuss on your own Personal Year Number. The Universal number will affect the entire planet and all upon her so you can see what energies will be operating say for countries, money markets, governments and world patterns/cycles. Your Personal Year number will have a much stronger affect on you as an individual and in your own life.

As I have already calculated the Universal year number for 2010 you can go directly to the information on ‘Three Years’ below to check out the energies applicable to the world,. Then calculate your own Personal Year Number, (as shown below), and refer to the corresponding number for information on your own personal year ahead. Have fun with them and check out your partners or childrens personal years too!

How to calculate the Universal Year Number Applicable to World Generally)

Add the digits of the year and continue to do so until you reach a single digit. (With the exception of 11, 22, 33 & 44 which are Master Numbers and the number 10)

For example: The Year 1993 1+9+9+3 = 22, then 2+2 = 4

Last Year 2009 2+0+0+9 = 11 (master number is not reduced to single digit)

This Year 2010 2+0+1+0 = ‘3’ Universal Year


How to Calculate your Personal Year Number (Applicable to you personally)

Add the digit of your day of birth and the digit of your month of birth to the digit of the current universal year.

For Example: Prince William born 21st June 1982

Day + Mth + Universal year of 2010 (3)

21 + 6 + 3 = 30 = ‘3’ personal year in 2010
Arnold Schwarzenegger born 30th July 1947

Day + Mth + Universal year of 2010 (3)

30 + 7 + 3 = 40 = ‘4’ personal year in 2010


The Years One through Nine, Plus…!

Once calculated the following is a guide for what each Year Number represents. Keep in mind that whilst each year 1 through to 9 will show prevailing conditions, the ways in which the energies manifest are as diverse and varied as we are.

Further, each 9 year cycle continually progresses higher than the previous depending on our individual/collective development. Each year plays a natural role in our life’s unfolding and with a little knowledge we can create a more fulfilling life with greater and ease and grace.


One Years

The beginning of a whole new cycle this is a year of initiation, innovation and generally launching the new you! It is one of intense self focus, development and wilfulness when we need to time to begin what we envisage for ourselves personally and professionally for the next 9 years. You are the centre of the universe and can lead others requiring courage and action.

Key Words: New starts, action, originality, making decisions. 

Two Years

After the hectic pace of the one year the two is more one of co-operation. Moving forward is now through relating to others and having quiet time to reflect and allow your intuition to guide you. A feminine energy the two is very sensitive, requiring you to nurture what you have begun and may bring forth warm friendships, even romance.

Key Words: Harmony, co-operation, mediation, passivity


Master Number 11/2 Years

Master Numbers are highly charged offering great potential. Eleven the most intuitive number of inspiration, leadership and illumination calls for us to go beyond the mundane and reach for the higher purpose. This uncommonly powerful year bestows upon you great creative and intellectual potential and ability to tap into the cosmic forces to develop spiritual understandings. Through higher understanding it imbues you with an inspirational energy to reach goals, dreams, personal power and enlightenment, and influence others.

Key Words: Limelight, inspiration, revelation, intuition

Three Years

The number three is one of the most creative, imaginative and expressive numbers often indicating a time of fun, play, and an optimistic ‘verve for life’. The best expression of this energy is to allow yourself to blossom through creative expression, socialising and generally having more fun. Be careful not to scatter your energies with worry or chatter though!

Key Words: Self expression, scattering, entertainment, imagination

Four Years

After the fun and expansion of a three year the four is distinctly different, requiring us to make our inspirations solid and real. It is a practical year of material concerns where we are building solid foundations requiring routines and discipline. Whilst it is shoulder to the wheel the rewards are new foundations, literally as in a new house through to our inner security.

Key Words: Structure, practicality, building foundations, order.

Master Number 22/4 Years

Under a 22/4 Master number year you are reaching your goal, success on a large scale and fulfilment of your secret desires can become a reality. Make the big plans, and dare the mighty deeds making sure your concepts are well organised and practical. Many people can benefit from what you present; you are the expert in your field and may rise to the top. It will take hard work, but it can all be yours during this powerful material period.

Key Words: Large endeavours, important accomplishments, materialism

Five Years

A five year brings a progressive time of freedom and change, adventure and travel on any level. We want to experience life and new and different things, people and places;they are like food for the soul. We become restless and people, beliefs or situations that have outlived their usefulness will be changed enabling us to be who we truly are. Be careful of change for the sake of it but adapt to new opportunities to revive your life with new energy.

Key words: Change, progressive, freedom, travel, adaptation.

Six Years

With a six year comes duty and conscientiousness as well as nurturing. Harmony and beauty can be channelled through healing modalities from spiritual to medicine, also through dance, design or using colour. Be responsible and of service but remember yourself and beware of taking on too much. When we focus on harmony and healing as well as beauty and love we can achieve much within ourselves but especially in our relationships, some even will marry.

Key words: Love, beauty, healing, duty, responsibility.

Master Number 33/6 Years

Master number 33 years are a period in which you are able to use your own energies to assist others who will seek you out to help alleviate their suffering. Maintain faith in your own healing and intuitive abilities which are pronounced at this time and have compassion for others. Responsibilities may be placed upon you, however be discriminating, not sacrificial, and you may realise your own special purpose for your existence and life direction.

Key Words: Responsibility, sacrifice, healing, compassion

Seven Years

A trough year of contraction, introspection and re-evaluation prior to the peak years of 8, 9, and 1, this year we need to withdraw from the hustle and bustle and allow more time for our self. Analysing yourself, philosophy, studying or teaching are all productive uses of this sabbatical year. Do not push your self, energy or goals or see lack of progress as failure. It is not a year to pursue or force but one of deep understanding and quiet. Tend to your health.

Key words: Mystical, re-evaluation, health, teaching/learning.

Eight Years

After a lull in energy last year the eight is the most energetic, driven and powerful where we can be a force to be contended with. This is the time to go for those goals especially in areas of business, life goals and money. A highly powered action year this is a year of promotion, funding projects and material goals seeded 8 years ago. Your skills out in the world can receive recognition, think big, start your own business or move into management. Whilst success is yours beware greed or abusing power or position, and be generous to others.

Key words: Power, authority, money, recognition

Nine Years

During a nine year we peak in our goals and aspirations for this cycle whilst simultaneously letting go of outdated thoughts, people, things or situations. We free up some space for the new coming in next year as we move onward and upward the never ending spiral of experience and evolution. It is a year of success and completion, where Idealism and intuition are your most valuable guide, requiring compassion and worldly altruism if we are to truly gain and maintain its full rewards.

Key Words: Success, completion, letting go, compassion

A quote by Marcel Prouse:

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.