The Joker in Heaven

The Joker in Heaven

A Visit from the ‘Joker’ in Heaven ….Cheryl Rae

From early this year I set a clear intention that I would not be working until at least mid year to people here, and those in spirit.  As my students know it is very important to be able to shut down and live our daily lives so that we are not walking around completely open to everyone and everything or when we need to have a holiday and focus on nurturing ourselves.  

It was a lovely spring day when I laid down in the Adelaide Mystery School room and was about to meditate when I sensed someone in spirit was present.  They were strongly wanting to make their presence felt and to communicate, in spite of my ‘intent’ and reticence to focus on spirit! 

The Information 

I knew this person was a male and was trying very hard to come through. Since I had just been thinking of a friend who has questions re a male in a cold case here in Adelaide that she may be related to, I thought I may as well get some information and ask a few questions just in case! 

As I connected to him I knew he was elderly.  When I asked his name I could hear a ‘J’ /’G’ sound as in Geoff, Jim or James. 

He then showed me the ‘Joker’ playing card which to me indicated he loved to play cards or he was well known to be a bit of a ‘joker’ in life. 

Then I could see what seemed to be mouth braces with wire for his teeth which was kind of weird and hard to understand as he was elderly??? So I put aside my logical mind and queried this to him.   The main emphasis about these braces/wire was how he felt about them,  that he clearly DID NOT LIKE THEM and there was somehow an issue about them. 

Last, he showed me a scenic view of a countryside and castle that was in the UK or similar, not Australia. 

I thought I had enough information for just a quick enquiry, so I thanked him, put my scrappy piece of paper I had jotted the notes on aside, and got on with my meditation and day.  Then promptly forgot about it. 

Neighbour comes Knocking 

In the next day or so my neighbour knocked on the door and as she came in she told me her husband had passed the day prior.  Whilst being sad it was also a blessed release because he had been very ill for a long time and unhappily suffering in care the past few years. 

I gave her my condolences and she began chatting about the day of his passing and then the evening.  The whole family were sitting around sharing and talking about their dad, husband, poppa, and then laughingly she told me how he was the BIGGEST JOKER…..   

I had totally forgotten about my spirit visitor of the previous day and was in the moment being with my neighbour hearing about it all until she said the word Joker!  Oh my, I said, and asked her to hold on a moment and went to find my scrappy piece of paper with my notes. 

It is good to mention here that whilst we are neighbours, I hardly knew her husband as they only moved in a few years ago into a granny flat and her husband took ill soon after.  He was mostly confined indoors until he went into care,  so I really had no idea what sort of person he was or his history.   

I brought the notes back to my neighbour and began checking the information. 

I went through the notes one by one with my neighbour. 

My visit from an older male with a name beginning with a J or G became obviously true. His name was Jim and he was elderly when he passed. 

But the Joker I queried???   Oh yes she said that he was renown for being the family joker and that is a lot of what they had shared last night together as a family.  It was his thing, and then she went on to share stories of some of his antics. 

Great I said so far, but braces and wires for his teeth?   Oh yes she laughed, he had a plate with false teeth and wires for his mouth but he hated the wires, so he cut them off and got into trouble with his dentist for being so naughty.   Hmmm I replied he definitely gave me the feeling that they were an issue for him. 

Finally, Jim was born in the UK hence the reference to countryside England and castles. 

All the information checked out with enough evidence that we both knew, without a doubt, that  Jim was my visitor and that his determination and great effort to get past my ‘no trespassers’ sign was due to his love and desire to communicate with his family.   

His wife and family had the precious gift of receiving his love and knowledge that he continues to exist beyond death, as does his awareness and care for them ……and if there are any mysterious, unexplained shenanigans happening in the house they will now know who may be responsible!!!! 

It is such a privilege and very humbling to be able to connect people with their loved ones in spirit, human and animals, and whilst we still grieve and miss their physical presence it is often also very healing for both parties. 

Mediumship skills can be learned, BUT it is important to know OUR DEPARTED LOVED ONES WALK AMONG US AND YOU CAN TALK TO THEM YOURSELF!  All it takes is a mere thought or a few words and THEY ARE THERE!!!     LOVE is the strongest force in the universe connecting us eternally. They gather around us to enjoy our celebrations, to heal and support in difficult times and, eventually, to welcome us when it is our time to transition into the world of spirit once again.                                 

Cheryl Rae