Channelled Message Reading Tarot Intuitively

Channelled Message Reading Tarot Intuitively

Spirit Communication

for Tarot Course Participants


Yes dear one,

The path of intuitively reading the cards goes against all our culture.  We view it as ridiculous, as putting on a blindfold and then walking a journey.

Would one not want to see!

But true vision is beyond appearances, the physical world – our five senses, for truth is not something we can see through our lens of process  -‘sight’ – it just is.

Courage is needed.  Are we the fool or the master?  You are both. The fool to many appears grotesque and ungainly, not of fine speech or mathematical finesse, but these are games of the mind and ego.

Beyond our self, right or wrong, all we think appropriate is a vast pool of knowledge, a sea of wisdom that can only be entered and comprehended, captured and conveyed by the empty vessel of the self.

Be open to receive and with no direction or idea.

New perceptions will fill and wash over you so be at peace, be trusting of your blindness and know that in the ‘dark of nothing’ a new vision is created.

From the realms of light your new vision will awaken.

Be innocent, be humble for these gifts are offered for all who’s’ hearts ring true to the sounds and colours….. the understandings….. and the peace and power of truth.

Received 8/6/04 ~ Cheryl Rae