Choosing the Right Psychic for Your Reading

Choosing the Right Psychic for Your Reading

When looking for any professional, we want someone who is authentically recognized in their field, with expertise we can trust is accurate and of high caliber. Furthermore, when choosing the right psychic for a reading you need someone whose type and style of reading most suits what you want from the reading, and someone you feel personally at ease with.

Where do I Start?

Ascertain what type and style of reading would most suit your needs.

Type: How do they work?
For instance, are you looking for confirmation and messages from loved ones passed over or more so a reading on you and your life path? In the first instance you need someone who is primarily a medium who connects with spirits in the afterlife, and in the latter more possibly a clairvoyant or psychic who tells you more about you, your life path, and the future.

Whilst most Readers are multi talented and their gifts and skills often cross over, they normally have strength in one particular area and hence their individual focus and readings will vary.

In addition, while many Psychic readers use divinatory tools, there are also ‘Tarot Readers’ who very effectively read the cards although not necessarily being clairvoyant or a medium etc.

In the same way we all have different personalities readers also have different styles of readings which are aligned with their own energies and their guides. They can be factual or empathic/healing, give the bottom line or more detail for understanding/learning, look at next few years or a whole life reading, be pragmatic or inspirational and the list goes on.

What to look for and red flags to be wary of.
First and foremost, mentally ‘set your intent’ and ask your own guides/the creative source for what you are seeking from the reading and reader.
Use your own intuition and feelings. If you feel something is really ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ with someone follow your own guidance.

Recommendations from friends, family or colleagues are a way to find someone who is tried and tested. Word of mouth is a great advertisement. There is now a very comprehensive magazine published and updaTed every year called the ‘2009 Australian Psychics Directory” available at most newsagencies with lots of information and contact details for psychics throughout Australia.

Do your research. Ask if you can talk to a few prospective readers first and ask them questions such as the following:

Q. Have them explain if they are they psychic, clairvoyant, a medium or healer etc. What tools do they use, and how do they conduct the reading?

As mentioned this will give you an idea of their particular gifts/skills and what to expect. You will be able to gauge if it is the type of reading you are looking for and learn more about their personal approach and style.

Q. How many years have they been doing readings for the public?

This of course will reflect their experience. It gives them the opportunity to inform you of any other work they may do in this and related fields; for example teach courses, run groups and publish articles or books.

Q. Are they a member of a recognized organization such as the Australian Psychics Association?

It is a good indication of their integrity. Genuine reputable psychics advocate bringing a form of regulation, and hence, credibility to their industry.

Q. What to expect regarding accuracy.

You have a right to expect a degree of accuracy – after all that is why you came. However be wary of anyone with a 100%, I know everything, I can work miracles attitude. Reputable psychics do not claim to be Omnipresent and are here to empower clients through greater insight and understanding, encouraging self determination not reliance.

Q. Testimonials from others?

They may have a website with testimonials from others on it.

Q Cost?

In Adelaide costs vary from about $100 to $400 for an 1 hour Psychic session, and $100 to $200 for 30-40 minute Mediumship session. If in another city/location you will need to check.

Listen to not only what they say but also their attitude and where they are coming from. Are they confident, open and happy to answer your questions? And are they supportive and knowledgeable in assessing if they are really the right reader to assist you at this time?

Most Readers have come to it out of a genuine heartfelt care of others with good intention but be discerning. There are some scammers out there, some who are well meaning but not experienced or necessarily wise or spiritual, and some who will simply just not be right one for you at this time.

On the Day
Prior to the reading once again call upon your guides and ask for protection and that the appropriate energies be present for a successful, constructive, inspiring, (and whatever you specifically want) from your reading. All readers should set up their own psychic protection but it is good practice to take responsibility.

Be open but in the initial stages of the reading the reader should give specific and accurate information about you, significant others and/ or your life with little information from yourself other than acknowledgement. Establish their credibility first and you can expand on things later.

A reader may see the need for and offer healing energy or prayer for you as part of their service to you. If anyone asks for sums of money to rid you of a curse or some other fearful scenario or person they are definitely not genuine and all they will do is take your money and instill unfounded fears.

A good psychic will listen and be sensitive to what you want from the reading and be respectful of things you do not want to know about

You alone know if and when you wish to see them again. Reputable readers do not suggest you visit them on a regular basis.

Legitimately good psychics want to bring insight, understanding and inspiration. Even in difficult times they want to be constructive and look for light at the end of the tunnel. They are here to help and do not frighten, scare, feed negativity or bring messages of doom and gloom.

When finishing, you should in the very least feel better about anything you are going through and inspired with a positive vision of life’s possibilities: even if that may be some thing you are working toward in the future.


An aware Psychic knows the true value of Readings and Divinatory tools lies not in that they can make our decisions for us, after all we are here to grow and learn, but in the greater insight, understanding and inspiration they can bring. This enables us to make decisions more aligned with our true self, and those that ultimately bring a more meaningful, joyful and fulfilling life.
So enjoy your Reading.

Be inspired as to what is possible within yourself and your life,

make your own choices…and live your dreams.


Cheryl Rae