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NEW in 2024 ‘Spirit Speak’ Podcasts

Cheryl shares all about the Spirit World around and within us and how to connect with this world.   COMING SOON!

 Mediumship/Psychic ~ Unavailable 2024 due Heart Failure from Covid

Updating availability information Here November 2024 


Psychic & Mediumship Readings with Cheryl Rae

Mediumship Readings are for those who wish to connect with loved ones who have passed over.  Endeavoring to provide evidence such as how they passed or names, dates and information unique to the loved one.  Even more so to convey their messages, love and insights gleaned through their continuing presence with sensitivity and respect.   Please Note I cannot guarantee who will come through on the day

Psychic Readings offer insight into you, others, situations and your life path, past, present and future.

Initially preferring to ‘tune in’myself from your birth to the path you are ‘choosing’ at the moment, the focuss then shifts more specifically to what you want from the reading, answering questions or looking at areas of life you wish to gain insight into.

My approach is down to earth and I conduct readings with sensitivity and compassion, ultimately focussing on inspiring clients as to the future possibilities and potential within themselves, and their life.

For over the phone readings I am able to tune into your voice and give equally comprehensive insight on people, situations or events around you.

 Mediumship/Psychic READINGS unavailable due Heart failure from covid! Updating availability Nov 2024

Session Duration: 40 minutes

Location: 9 Moreland Avenue Mitchell Park, South Australia

Cost$150.00 (including MP3 recording of the session)

Click here for Information & Bookings.


 Mediumship/Psychic ~ FULL for 2023

Bookings re-open 15th February 2024 ~ 0478 580 079 or  Email