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About – Adelaide Mystery School
Adelaide Mystery School


Having spent a lifetime studying and teaching the esoteric, my own ‘Mystery School’ experiences were times of profound growth, healing and empowerment.  Latent psychic mediumship gifts blossomed, my perceptions broadened and I became in awe and humbled by the potential within us all, and the reality we exist within  Cheryl Rae, Founding Director


Adelaide Mystery School seeks to assist all who wish to develop their Psychic and Mediumship abilities into their fullness and foster Spiritual Development, and unconditional love and healing for all

The school is devoted to the study, exploration, training and practice of  the natural, innate Psychic, Mediumship and Spirit within and around us all.

Promoting values of Spirituality, it welcomes the truths of all spiritual traditions and each individual, encouraging unconditional love, respect and compassion for everyone.

Through Courses, Workshops, Individual Consultations and sharing Spiritual and Psychic knowledge, wisdom and techniques, we also endeavor to foster greater understanding of the broader areas of human consciousness and potential, and the reality we exist within.

Beyond courses, Adelaide Mystery School seeks to be a rich life experience that can open your heart, expand your mind and allow your spirit to soar.