Dreams, Signs and Symbols

Dreams, Signs and Symbols

Some would say that our life is the dream and that our dreams, in truth, are our reality. When you look at it from the perspective that we are spiritual beings incarnated into a limited time-space dimension we can see how this may be. Whilst earnestly going about our busy daily lives we can forget that we are spiritual beings all a part of and connected to the divine, the creative source, God, Buddha.

Not only do we forget we are divine beings, but unless a big neon flashing sign hits us over the head saying so, we don’t think we are psychic and more so rarely notice the constant communications we all receive from the Universe every day. Few recognize that our dreams are filled with metaphor and our daily lives imbued with meaning.

Every day we all receive insight and messages, mostly in the form of Symbols. They bring us understanding, information, warning, ideas, guidance, inspiration and even prophecy through Dreams, Signs, Synchronistic happenings and Intuition.

The unfolding of every day holds meaning and significance all we need do is simply pay attention to the symbolic meaning and voila. Over the years I have been in awe of the relevance of the symbolic meanings and messages I have received through dreams and events/happenings in normal daily life. In fact, whilst a professional psychic, most of my information for me personally comes through these avenues making them my main source of guidance, learning and inspiration from the mundane to the profound. Ordinary life is a truly mystical, magical experience…if we notice.

So although we are all psychic you don’t need to be consciously aware of your psychic ability to receive insight. It is all there, we just need to notice and give these things true value which we can do by trying to understand the message and following up on it.

The first step is being open to it and paying attention. Take note mentally or literally of the dream, events or synchronicity, no matter how big or seemingly insignificant and then look at the symbolic meaning. It is handy keeping a little note book and being able to look back over the years. I find it nothing short of amazing when I look back at the huge amount and diversity of information I have noted in my life and world around me.

Here are a few examples:
Many years ago I noted that within days of pulling up old floor coverings my ex partner revealed his big secret. It was very fundamental to his life, and hence ‘us’ previously revealing many answers and completion. Symbolically flooring is the basis upon which we live/function and it was very ‘coincidental’ that when I removed the floor ‘covering’ that the secret affecting the very basis of our past relationship was finally exposed.

The worldwide media release of the press questioning Prince Charles on the day Princess Diana announced the end of their marriage due to his affair with Camilla Bowles. On that day he happened to be visiting a shipwreck of monumental proportion and historic significance to the British people and in fact was standing in front of the massive wreck throughout the interview. Symbolically boats represent our emotional journey and of course this was a very BIG ship wreck. The wreckage represents the state of Charles and Diana’s. It also translates to the fact that the relationship breakdown has monumental ramifications not just personally but to the British people and even history itself.

Out of the blue, my car engine/radiator overheated as I was travelling to an appointment. Symbolically our car represents how we are travelling through life and the radiator water overheating indicates overheated emotions requiring me to stop and cool off. Within 24 hrs I received a communication from a relative that was totally out of left field, very heated and explosive. My car boiling over was a warning of what was to come so I could prepare!

A long time ago a friend came to me in a dream, held out her arms in front of her and opened them to me saying ‘here is your light body’. Around that time she had told me of a course she had done and even with little real knowledge of it I knew I wanted to join her on the next one so registered. It turned out that working with ancient Egyptian energies and our Merkabah Vehicle (light body), was the essence of this course. Interestingly, as always, many coincidences and strange events happened when we did this work – and during one of the levels we attended we focussed on changing our ‘timing’. Precisely the same time the ‘timing chain’ went in my car and cost me $2,000 to fix…. I got the message!

A friend of mine had his washing machine overflow flooding into the living area of the house. Within 24 hours of that he totally lost it with his girlfriend over the phone causing problems. The house represents our self and the overflowing water his emotions that were becoming out of control. It was a warning that in his own life his emotions were becoming overwhelming and to rein them in and sort them out before they cause problems!

When I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome my dreams were like a soap opera of the whole process bringing information, guidance and understanding – even diagnosis and prognosis.

At the onset I dreamt that I had a miniscule motorbike with a tiny engine (I wondered how I it would even carry me), at the base of a very high, steep mountain. At the top there was a beautiful open pagoda filled with the finest of pastries and sweets. I knew, (as you do in dreams), that I had to climb up this mountain on this bike to the pagoda. Symbolically the miniscule bike/engine represented the almost impossible means I would have, (i.e. state of my physical body/energy), to climb a very steep spiritual challenge. But also the wonderful heights I could achieve and exquisite rewards at the end.

One showed me trying in vain to fill my car with petrol at a petrol station. It was almost like a comedy with firstly being unable to get the nozzle in the car, then trying with a watering can, then getting another container to try and put it in only to see it had a big leak. All the while I was becoming more frustrated and desperate. Symbolically all the increasingly innovative ways and lengths I went to, to put fuel in the car with no avail showed the many things I had tried to re-fuel /re-energise my body to no avail, and my increasing despair reflected the emotions I felt as a consequence.

Recently a dream showed me buying a gorgeous brand new car. I absolutely loved it, and It was very stylish, eco friendly, streamlined for wind and from the future, with notable wheels being pointed out to me. My new car represents my new way of travelling through life as I regain my health in reality. In a more streamlined, economic, stylish way with plenty of energy and very much geared to the future. Reference to the wheels is Karmic also movement.

So the next step, to understand the symbolic meaning of dreams or events, we can achieve by starting to think in the language of symbols. A good dream book* will give you the basics and a dictionary of symbollic meanings, but remember that ultimately meanings are personal, depending on our own personal experiences and culture etc. For instance whilst most people would associate wine with socialising and indulgence in the finer things, if we had a bad experience with overindulgence our association may be one of leaving a ‘bad taste’. Most people associate dogs with loyalty, unconditional love and affection but if you had an experience of being viciously attacked by one the meaning for you would be one of warning, danger or even being under attack. Get to know your own personal symbols as well as the universal meanings.

Becoming fluent with the ‘language of symbols’ enables us to understand the myriad of messages and metaphors we all constantly receive from the divine not only through dreams, but meditative states, synchronistic happenings, our intuition/psychic sense and metaphysical tools. Furthermore when we work with intent in any of these areas we enhance our abilities in them all!

So go ahead, give it a whirl, the Divine delights in sending us messages 24 hrs a day, signs are everywhere. The next time you need guidance – ASK – listen – watch for those keys and you will find the answer. However you must tune your lens of perception. Open your heart and look with the eyes of a child and you will recognise that there are miracles popping up in your life, messages to be opened. The more the divine knows you’re paying attention the more you receive and when you realise that you are in constant dialogue with the Divine it is truly magic. You may be surprised at the mystical, magical world that has been right under your nose all along.

The following are just some of the signs to look for during the day that you can draw meaning and insight from in your life, and remember the answer may not always appear in the shape or form you had expected.

Your vehicles: Has it broken down, overheated or battery died? Did someone give you a bump up the rear trying to bump you onto a new life course, or an accident can mean you are travelling to fast in life? Or maybe you updated cars and are going in new improved directions in life.

Your house: What is the condition of your inner house? Are your fences, hence boundaries solid and do you have much junk/baggage you need to clear to allow the new to flow in? Did your bathroom just flood or are taps leaking? Water refers to our emotions time to check in on yours. Are the colours bland and lifeless, calm and relaxing or energising and playful?

Animals: Observe animals and you will learn much. How to play, relax and just be! How does your cat react to your new friend, and checkout the ants for rain? If a lizard appears in your back yard pay attention to dreaming, a snake powerful transformation, bees community and productivity, and if you love cats well you are very at ease with your feminine and psychic traits!

Out of nowhere, out of place, out of the ordinary: Signs that seem especially out of place have the true signature of a universal message as they stand out in some way. Running into someone you haven’t seen for years and they happen to know/work for someone or company you need a reference for, or have vital information or connections that is relevant to you. Even small things such as you notice a particular dress colour seems to stand out and be everywhere…maybe you need the energy of that colour hence to wear clothing of the same. Or you are pre-occupied wondering if you have what it takes to succeed in a new job and on the way to work you notice a bird not normally found in the city leaping flying above higher and higher to reach the peak of the tallest building.

Repetition: Believe it or not I have a healthy sceptical side and when I receive information I ask for confirmation and if it comes threefold – well! When spirit wants our attention repetition such as recurring dreams, accidents, or events that are similar are a BIG SIGN. So noting and paying attention to coincidental repetitive things as well as the number of birds that appeared today is all part of looking at every detail as meaningful and hence informative.

Messages through songs, overheard conversations or other: Many years ago my cat was very ill and I was wrestling with the highly emotional and moral dilemma of euthanizing him. After talking with friends I had called the vet and was put on hold all the while still asking spirit for a sign of what was truly right for him. The song that came on, whilst on hold, all of a sudden came to my notice as it was all about the answer to my question, releasing and meeting someone in heaven. Deep in my heart I knew this was a true message from spirit, given in a profoundly beautiful and tender way, and I was finally at peace with the choice I had made.

Cheryl Rae

April 2009