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Holistic Counselling


Holistic Counselling session with Bev


I understand that making that first call can be the hardest!

I believe that it is never too late to empower any individual to feel better about themselves.

My style of Holistic Counselling incorporates techniques which will be carefully tailored to the unique person that you are. Together we look at tools to help deal with those negative thought processes, which can prevent us from reaching our full potential whilst at the same time allowing us to find that inner peace.

From a safe environment I can utilize natural, therapeutic and drug free techniques which will enable lasting positive lifestyle changes to your life.

Providing support while the client explores more effective and new ways of being.


Specialising in relief of anxiety, stress and depression. (Adults only)

Sessions – 1hr to 1.30hrs duration




For further information about the services Bev offers please see her Website:

http://bevcogs.wix.com/bcosmos-web  or Phone:  0434 551 395 for an appointment.