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 Psychic & Mediumship Development Groups

with Cheryl Rae

2009 Psychic of the Year (S.A.)

Professional Member Australian and International Psychics Association

Has appeared on Radio 5AA, ABC 89.1 Peter Goers, and 102.3FM morning show



Dear Adelaide Mystery School friends and students, I am grateful for your support and patience these past few years with my absence due health and am now, gratefully, improving.  I will resume groups when I am 100% so I can give you all you and spirit deserve!   Namaste Cheryl Rae, Director AMS

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As a Tutor of Psychic & Mediumship of 20 years I know that everyone is innately psychic, but for most, including my self, bringing this ability into conscious awareness is a process.  With practice and dedication everyone can develop these skills to whatever level they wish!

If you are ready to develop your psychic ability, mediumship and more, this highly accredited and comprehensive course can guide you, as it has others on their journey of awakening.

In this awakening process being open to it with intent plays a major part and is the door ‘opener’, imagination is our vehicle, and energy work, meditation and proven practical exercises are the road upon which we can travel.  There is strong emphasis on experiential practice every week and it includes guided meditations, and energy work/activations.

Groups are limited to 20 to ensure a personal, ‘hands on’ experience… all in an atmosphere that is supportive, professional and ‘filled with light’.


Including Djwahl Kuhls’ powerful

 ‘Triangulation Meditation/Energy Activation’

A quantum leap in raising your vibration


  You will learn and gain hands on experience in:

Connecting with your inner & spirit guides

– Meditating through levels of awareness to raise your vibration

– Clearing your Karma and blocks

– Feeling, sensing, seeing and interpreting Auras

– Reading Flowers (psychometry)

– Remote Viewing (sensing objects/places)

– Telepathy a building block of Mediumship

– Channelling, speaking and writing

– Clairvoyance

– Evidential Mediumship Development & whole journey in itself!


Term 1 for Beginners focusses upon Psychic Development, then into Mediumship in the following terms.

Participants receive an extensive manual covering not only course content but the many areas of ‘Spirit Realms’ which Cheryl has compiled from decades working as a psychic, medium, healer, channel and teacher. Certificates are also given on completion.


Cheryl Rae has over 20 years experience as a Psychic Medium and Tutor.   Together with visiting international tutors of Arthur Findlay teachings, Adelaide Mystery School seeks to assist all who wish to develop their Psychic and Mediumship abilities into their fullness and foster Spiritual Development, and unconditional love and healing for all.

To read course feed back given anonymously for a true response click here.  


Bookings Essential

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Duration:  10 week term ~ one night per week  7pm to 9.30pm

Venue:   Adelaide Mystery School: Rear 9 Moreland Avenue, Mitchell Park SA

Cost:   $250 per term


Registrations Process

To be notified of  Psychic & Mediumship Development Groups resuming Register for our Newsletter here: http://adelaidemysteryschool.com/newsletter-sign-up/


Step One

Ring or Email to confirm place availability

Phone 08 8299 0276  or  Email cheryl@adelaidemysteryschool.com



Step Two

 *This step must be completed before  Registering (Step Three)

PAYMENT~   $250 in full OR  $150 Deposit, Balance due 1 month prior start.



1. Pay by Direct Deposit as below:

Bendigo Bank
BSB:  633-000

Account # : 150 723 534

Name :  Cheryl Rae

Leave your name & course title in the comments field.



2. Pay by Credit Card/Paypal

Pay In Full, Deposit/Balance


Step Three

 Fill out online Registration form by clicking the button bellow


 Enquiries contact Chery: Phone 08 82990276  or cheryl@adelaidemysteryschool.com

Psychic & Mediumship Development Feedback

Feedback is given anonymously to receive a true, genuine response. 

2013 Psychic & Mediumship 12 week course feedback ~ 2014 coming soon!

 overall rating a unanimous 5 out of 5!

This course exceeded my expectations, Cheryl you are an amazing teacher, I felt safe in the space we, as a group created, guided by you.   To others, if you think you can YOU CAN!  Cheryl teaches this course beautifully, you will be amazed at what you’re capable of.

Would like more Mediumship work.  Cheryl is one of the most gentle, warm, gifted people I have met & it was a great gift to learn from her.  To others.. Amazing!  Absolutely, do it.  Such a gentle environment to learn in & beautiful people to share the journey with. Thank you Cheryl.

Opens your mind to a different way of thinking and makes you realize that Spirit is around & signs are given all the time.  Changes the way you act & think and has personally made me a calmer/relaxed person.  No improvements, I thought it was fantastic.

The group was just so calm, friendly and didn’t make me feel stupid.   I really enjoyed the meditation in class and my every day meditation. I feel you covered as much as you could with the time you had & with a large group.  To others… I would encourage them to do all your courses.

I have done many and I find you a great teacher and a caring person.  Thank you.   The energies of a committed group and facilitator was most useful.  A healing of each other would have been lovely.  To others… Go for it!

It covers quite a lot.   A non judgemental group & able to speak freely and be heard was most useful.  To anyone thinking of doing this course…  ABSOLUTELY!!  Have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks heaps Cheryl, it has been an honour to have shared with you over the past few weeks.   Being taught to focus effectively and receive clearer messages was most useful.  To others… Do it ~ release any fear and go for a ride!

Always felt fantastic on drive home.  Looked forward to classes as it grounded my thoughts & energy.  My weekly fix.   Mediumship was most useful, would like more hours.  I think it was an excellent source of getting to know ourselves more deeper, understand & respecting everyone’s right & emotions.  this course taught me … give a helping hand to needful and to be more open to everyone.

I enjoyed this course very much, everything was brilliant from the beginning to the end.  It changes life completely.   Everything was in balance, I cannot think of anything else to improve.  Facilitator was very good.  I would recommend this course to everybody.

Studying Mediumship was very enjoyable, everything was satisfactory… very enjoyable & worth doing.   Interactions & sharing of experiences and practical applications of written knowledge was most useful.  Group dynamics led by yourself was excellent.  To others…  Having a good experience, I would recommend it.

The flower readings & meditations were most useful.  Very enjoyable, interesting, developmental & fun.


Previous Course Feedback

To anyone thinking of doing this course, Sooner the better, wish I had come twenty years ago.

I especially loved learning the meditations, I know they have made such a difference to my life, growth, protection and oneness to learning and accepting.  Well, what can I say, just love you Cheryl.  I would say to others – Do it, It will change you for the better.

All of the 10 wks were very useful.  Can I do it all again, thank you, thank you thankyou.  Well done, very welcoming lots of wonderful support & encouragement.  No judgements, lots of wonderful sharing of knowledge & wisdom so freely & with unconditional love abounding.  Really enjoyed the course, gained a lot of insight, met some wonderful women, Great facilitator, felt welcome and comfortable.


Flower reading & learning to trust my first thoughts most useful.  Very loving and gentle woman who made me feel very comfortable and answered all questions easily.  Very good if they want to develop their intuition and trust in themselves.

Provided completely new information. Triangulation chakra meditations most useful. Very good introduction, also good for developing existing skills, Thank you.

It has changed my life.   Didn’t think anything like this would come of it.  This course helped heal a broken me and I thank all whom helped with all my heart.

Practicing was most useful, as difficult as it was to say what was on your mind, even if it sounded ridiculous, just to voice it. Maybe more work in pairs to build confidence before sharing in front of group. It is a good beginning, it embraces all topics, excellent facilitator.

Triangulation method has been very helpful in bringing me in alignment.  Would like more feedback and explanations.  Very much for a person just starting out but not for advancement to higher path.

It was great.  It gave me a place to be with like minded people.  It was all useful, just a longer course perhaps a part 2.  Cheryl is a very welcoming and giving person and made the course less daunting.  Very positive.  Absolutely give it a go.  The mediations are fantastic.

Yes, the course met my expectations, strong healing going on!  Cheryl is great.  An excellent teacher, in tune with the group.  Good examples to explain things. It is a wonderful opening to learning the powers within.  Learning to meditate was most useful.  Cheryl was lovely, compassionate, beautiful lady, great teacher.

The chakras, the colours, the meditation, etc…all that was really good!  Everything was good.  This course is amazing and if you don’t understand why you are going you will find out that this will help you to understand yourself more and more.

The course was even better than anything I could have imagined.  Cheryl’s wonderful interaction and knowledge was most useful.  Everything was just perfect.  Do it – It is a worthwile experience to feel and experience things you may or may not want to go to.  Thanks so much Cheryl looking forward to more.