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Basic Meditation

Basic Meditation Course

Next course ~ 2018 dates coming soon!

 facilitated by Bev Coghlan


Basic Meditation is suitable for complete beginners or people wishing to get back into Meditation.


What you will Learn

During this course students will learn basic breathing techniques, Meditation for muscle relaxation and guided visualisation Meditation.

You will also explore affirmations in Meditation, Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.


Participants should feel comfortable and confident about practicing Meditation on completion


   This course enables you to

  • have a good understanding of the fight or flight reaction
  • to understand your own stress responses
  • be able to disengage from a stress response fairly quickly 

Benefits of Leaning and Practicing Meditation

From this course you will be able to choose a Meditation style you feel best suits you and be able to practice Meditation at home.


Participants may become aware of a noticeable improvement in their daily lives through the regular practice of Meditation.

Handouts are given with information on stress management and journaling.

Registered Practitioner IMTTA Holistic Human Development



Venue: Beauty Cosmos 48 Gully Road, Seacliff Park SA 5049

Duration: 2018 dates coming soon!

Cost: Total $140.00     ~ $50 must be paid with registration 1 mth prior to start, and balance, $90.00, due on the first night of course.

REGISTRATION PROCESS ~ Click here for Bevs Website: http://bevcogs.wix.com/bcosmos-web


For Further Information & Enquiries contact Bev Coghlan: T: 83581449  M: 0434551395  E: bevcogs@gmail.com